Aside from spinal manipulation, chiropractic care includes exercise recommendations, guidance on risk avoidance, ergonomic and lifestyle counseling, nutritional recommendations and physical medicine services.

Conditions that I have experience with and have successfully treated

(list starts at the head and moves to the feet):



Neck pain and/or stiffness Wrist sprain or strain Thigh pain
Headaches Hand numbness or tingling Knee pain and/or stiffness
Shoulder pain and/or stiffness Pain between the shoulder blades Knee sprain or strain
Frozen shoulder Difficulty breathing Post- surgical knee function
Rotator cuff syndrome Rib sprain/strain Calf pain
Shoulder sprain or strain Low back pain and/or stiffness Ankle pain and/or stiffness
Arm pain Low back sprain/strain Ankle sprain or strain
Arm numbness or tingling Hip pain and/ or stiffness Post- surgical ankle function
Elbow pain or stiffness Post-surgical hip function Foot pain and or stiffness
Tennis elbow Buttock pain Foot sprain or strain
Elbow sprain or strain Groin pain Plantar fasciitis  
Wrist pain and /or stiffness Groin strain Sports injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome Leg pain Repetitive motion injuries


I have also assisted patients in maintaining better function and less pain with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and asthma.