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Alpha Chiropractic Center is located on 39th Street just 1 Block east of KU Medical Center in the heart of the 39th St. dining district.

It is in the middle of the block, half-way between State Line and Bell St., on the south side of the street, between Blue Koi and Anna's Restaurants.  It has a large, green awning. 

Parking is available behind the building.  To enter the parking lot, turn south onto Stateline Road off of 39th St. and into the lot at the entrance, in the middle of the block. 

The parking lot is for all of the businesses on Bell and the south side of 39th St.  and you are welcome to use all of it.  There are two spaces reserved for Alpha Chiropractic Center patients at the northeast corner in the alleyway between Alpha and Blue Koi.

You will notice there are two cars already parked there: just pull up behind them.  They belong to Dr. Cobb and Julie and parking us in is not a problem.  But if you decide to go to lunch, please move your car so Dr. Cobb or Julie can leave over lunch break.

Parking Attendant:  If you enter the parking lot between 8:30am and 12:00pm, you may be greeted by an attendant.  He is there to make sure that employees of K.U. Medical Center are not parking up our lot.  If he inquires, just tell him you are here to see the chiropractor.